About us

“We take people to Menorcas best places by fun & ecological activities.”

We want to be your guide on the island.

We are a team of 9 people, boat captains, crew, instructors & sportsmen, all passionate about sport & nature.


Statement. Participating in social acts such as offering free activities to blood donors Our facilities are adapted for handicapped people & we are involved in local sporting events, I.E. Extreme Man Triathlon. (www.extreme-man.com)

Environment. We are very active contributing to things that help to improve our environment, like selective rubbish collection & recycling. We organise an annual clean up day to clean up the Bay of Fornells from accumulated rubbish. We do not use contaminated products in anything that we do.

Katayak, established in 1998, we come from the world of recreational SCUBA diving. We are also in the world of sailing, using our catamaran then introducing later, our sailing yacht. Since the beginning we have been renting kayaks y adapting to new activities, like stand up paddle (SUP).