Catamaran Charter In Fornells (Menorca)

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If you are an adventurous person or a person who wants to simply relax along the coast of Menorca this is your opportunity to come in the catamaran and let yourself be filled with the charms of the island. The advantage of coming with the catamaran for a trip in Menorca is the comfort and unique experience, as they are made for small groups up to 12 people maximum.

In addition, we have several excursions in catamaran in Menorca available:

- Half day catamaran excursion: With an estimated duration of 3 and a half hours in which we will provide you with the captain of the boat, a sailor and the necessary accessories per person to enjoy an unforgettable experience snorkelling in the waters of Menorca

- Excursion in catamaran to see the sunset from the sea: With an estimated duration of 2 hours and 45 minutes. With the aim of offering you the greatest security we will put at your disposal a captain for the boat. In addition there will be a great diversity of surprises that will make our trip an unbeatable day, with unlimited drinks with appetizers. In Katayak we think that the best way to know a place is living and enjoying the experience.

Our Excursions in Catamaran


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