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In Katayak we have mountain and racing bikes available for rent in Menorca, such as the Megano Argus S model or similar, which you can rent by the day.

Now you have the opportunity to ride the island from town to town and enjoy all its charms, or climb the Taurus Mountain with our top quality bicycles. All this will be an experience like no other, because you will set the pace of the excursion so that you can enjoy it with your family, friends, partner, etc. Furthermore, the rental of a bike includes: a helmet, a lock, a bottle of water and a repair kit for unforeseen events that may occur along the way.

Bicycle routes in Menorca

There are many routes for cycling in Menorca, so we will highlight some of the most famous ones:

Route Es Castell - Sant Lluís: This route is an ideal starting point, as it is 6 km long. 

Ruta Mercadal - Alaior: This route is also a little easier to manage, not only because of the short distance of 8 km, but also because of the simplicity of the route. 

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