Kayak tours and rentals in Menorca

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Kayak rental in Menorca is one of the most popular activities on the island. In Katayak we offer a wide variety of activities to suit almost all tastes and schedules, as well as a large number of excursions, such as classes with instructors to learn to navigate in kayak, etc. 

The price of the rental includes a vest, a paddle and a waterproof canister to keep your things safe from humidity. It also includes a map of the place to ensure a safe return home at all times and the orientation of picturesque places that can only be reached by kayak.

Rent a kayak and enjoy a great experience!

Would you like to enjoy a kayak trip around Menorca? This is a great opportunity to enjoy not only family, couple or friends, but nature in the wildest, quietest and most intimate way you have ever imagined. This is because the boat is prepared not to affect directly the fauna or flora of the island, facilitating the approach to cliffs, landing in caves or caves totally inaccessible or landing on beaches or coves.

The instructors will give us access to the necessary materials to be able to carry out another activity in the middle of the route, the snorkelling, whose objective will be to dazzle us with the marine bottom thanks to the most beautiful crystalline waters of the Mediterranean.

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