Frequently asked questions

Can I take personal items on the yacht or catamaran?

You can take whatever you need. There is plenty of space for storing things on both the catamaran& the yacht. If there is anything really big, like a push chair, it can be left in our centre on the Paseo Maritimo.

What should I wear on board the boats?

We will take the catamaran / yacht up to a beach. so you should bring your swimming costume, towel, hat & sun screen.

I think I may be seasick!

The catamaran is very stable & totally open & is nothing like a normal yacht meaning that the probability is very small. There is more possibility with the sailing yacht as it has a single hull & more tendency to roll.

What is included on the boat trips?

Drinks & nibbles. Snorkelling equipment. Lunch is provided on the full day trips.

Is there shade on the boat?

On the catamaran the main sail is 39m square which means that part of the deck is always in the shade. On the sail boat we always put the awning up when we stop.

What happens if the weather is bad? Can I cancel on the same day?

If it is not possible to go out we will cancel the trip & give a 100% refund or change the trip for another day (that is why it is a good idea not to leave it until the last day).

If you cancel with 24 hours of the trip you will lose the 100% paid, this is because we will have turned other people away.

If you cancel one week to 24 hours before we will refund 50% but if we are able to replace the booking & fill the boat we will refund the total.

How many people will there be on board?

On the catamaran there will be 10 people maximum plus 2 crew. 

On the sailing yacht there will be 7 people maximum plus the captain

We will still go out with a minimum of 2 people.

What should I wear when I go kayaking?

Swimming costume, a lycra tshirt if you have one, sun glasses, hat & sunscreen.

Is kayaking difficult?

Before setting out we will give an explanation on how to use the oars & on the excursions we give 20 minutes of training on rowing, getting on & off, etc.

What if my things get wet?

We will give you a water tight container for you to put your things in, such as towel, camera, etc. We recommend that you only take what you need with you, the rest you can leave in our centre.

Do I have to be really fit to do sea kayaking?

Our initial routes are easy. The main objective is to have a good time & enjoy the surroundings. During the trip we not only row but also visit caves, swim & we will explain things about the environment, etc. We always go at a slow speed so as to enjoy the scenery.

We also offer more advanced routes for longer durations & differing levels of fitness.

I don't know where to go with the bike? What happens if I get a puncture? Do you only have road / racing bikes?

We will give you a map of the island showing different cycling routes & we will give you suggestions o where to go depending on what you  want to do.

We will give you a spare parts kit & pump, we also provide a rescue service. Our bikes are mid to high standard but we also have high standard bikes with double suspension & competition bikes.

Stand up paddle. I've never done it before!

Not a problem! The success of this recently fashionable sport is that it is very easy to learn & in no time at all you can enjoy it. The places where we are located, Fornells & Addaia, the sea is protected therefore very flat making them ideal places to do this.

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