The best nautical experience of your holiday in Menorca


Great sensations as night falls


Change your holiday… Sailing in Menorca

Like many other activities, the departure will be from the port of Fornells. The route we will take for the excursion will depend directly on the wind, either because of its direction or intensity, as unlike many other companies in the sector we believe that the best option is always to follow the laws of nature.

If the wind is blowing in one direction, why go against it? Thanks to this we have a large number of routes to explore the different beaches or totally unspoilt coves, which are difficult to access by land or by large boats.

To be able to carry out the activity we will put at your disposal a skipper who will guide you through the different routes, thus having a much more rewarding experience as well as being comfortable and safe.

The routes can vary from: Cala Pilar, Pregonda (furthest west) and Favaritx (furthest east).

If you are looking for an out of the ordinary experience you can rent a sailboat for an excursion in Menorca.

The advantage of sailing is the low pollution and the feeling of enjoying a day without hurry.