Learn the basic skills to enjoy the latest most popular water sport


Rental for stand up excursions in Menorca

Now you can rent the material for stand up excursions in Menorca, from several different points of the island. Start by relaxing with your family, partner or friends on a fun day. Test your balance and live a totally new experience.

You can rent the material from:

The port of Fornells: This is the best place for a first contact with this fashionable sport, where the waters are much calmer and we will be able to familiarize ourselves much better. Furthermore, we also have monitors and a school that will teach us everything we need to know before we go sailing.

In Katayak we think that the best way to take care of and respect nature is to carry out activities that do not affect or contaminate our ecosystem.

Get involved and live a new experience with the Stand up excursion rental in Menorca.